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Economic Development Quarterly

Special Issue on Manufacturing Innovation

Strengthening Manufacturing: How Research Can Inform Public Policy
Guest Editor: Dr. Kenneth E. Poole, Chief Executive Officer, Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, and EDQ Editorial Board Member

November 2018; 32(4)

Table of Contents

Strengthening Manufacturing – How Research Can Inform Public Policy: An Introduction to the Special Issue
(Kenneth E. Poole and Brendan Buff)

Research and Practice

Exploring Links Between Innovation and Profitability in Georgia Manufacturers
(Jan Youtie, Philip Shapira, Stephen Roger)

Brokerage and Boots on the Ground: Complements or Substitutes in the Manufacturing Extension Partnership
(Philipp Brandt, Andrew Schrank, Josh Whitford)

Understanding Manufacturing Location Decision Making: Rationales for Retaining, Offshoring, Reshoring, and Hybrid Approaches
(Gregory Theyel, Kay Hofmann, Mike Gregory)

Manufacturing by Design
(Stuart A. Rosenfeld)

A Measure of Interdependence: Skill in the Supply Chain
(Allison Forbes)

Estimating the Returns to Professional Certifications and Licenses in the U.S. Manufacturing Sector
(Henry Renski)

Letter to the Editor

Hospitals as Export Industries
(Charles E. McConnel)
Response to Letter to the Editor
(Marla K. Nelson)

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