Top-Ten Downloads of 2017

Here are the Top Ten Downloads from the Upjohn Institute's digital repository, Upjohn Research, for 2017.

1. A New Panel Database on Business Incentives for Economic Development Offered by State and Local Governments in the United States, Timothy J. Bartik
2. The Effects of Increasing the Minimum Wage on Prices: Analyzing the Incidence of Policy Design and Context, Daniel MacDonald and Eric Nilsson (WP 16-260)
3. Introduction to On-the-Job Training, John M. Barron, Mark C. Berger, and Dan A. Black (Upjohn Press 1997)
4. Compromise and Release Settlements in Workers' Compensation: Final Report, H. Allan Hunt and Peter S. Barth
5. Boon or Boondoggle? The Debate Over State and Local Economic Development Policies, from Who Benefits from State and Local Economic Development Policies? Timothy J. Bartik (Upjohn Press 1991)
6. The Impact of Nurse Turnover on Quality of Care and Mortality in Nursing Homes: Evidence from the Great Recession, Yaa Akosa Antwi and John R. Bowblis (WP 16-249)
7. An Introduction to Tiered Compensation Structures, from Two-Tier Compensation Structures: Their Impact on Unions, Employers, and Employees, James E. Martin (Upjohn Press 1990)
8. Who Benefits from a Minimum Wage Increase?, John W. Lopresti and Kevin J. Mumford (WP 15-224)
9. Economic Development Strategies, Timothy J. Bartik (WP 95-33)
10. From Preschool to Prosperity: The Economic Payoff to Early Childhood Education, Timothy J. Bartik (Upjohn Press 2015)