Timothy J. Bartik on What Works in Economic Development

On September 1, 2016, Institute senior economist Timothy J. Bartik delivered the keynote address at the OpenSky 2016 Fall Policy Symposium. In his talk, which is titled "What Works in Economic Development," Bartik stressed that "growth is only good to the extent that it brings about increased real incomes for state and local residents, and ideally in a way that is broadly shared among many state residents." He then discussed various labor supply and demand policies that studies show provide positive economic development benefits.

Among Bartik's key points were that targeted policies were likely to be more effective in achieving economic development goals than across-the-board general tax cuts, and that well-designed programs to boost the quality of a state's labor supply, such as high-quality pre-K, should be seen as an effective way to boost a state's economic development.

Read Bartik's remarks.

View Bartik's slide presentation. (PDF)