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WE Focus Series

Promise Nation: Transforming Communities through Place-Based Scholarships

Michelle Miller-Adams
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Michelle Miller-Adams presents the most accessible and comprehensive overview available of the emergence and development of the Promise movement nationwide as well as an up-to-date assessment of available research on the impacts of such programs.

"No one knows more about what is happening nationally in the college access and success scene than Michelle Miller-Adams. She has observed it as a researcher, advocated for it as a good public policy supporter, and worked for its advancement as a believer in educational equity. This book grants a glimpse into that vast knowledge base." —Saleem Ghubril, Executive Director, The Pittsburgh Promise

"'Promise Nation' convincingly confirms and documents the power of a simple, elegant guarantee of a free college education to transform lives and revitalize communities. As the experience of Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the dozens of communities across the country now developing their own versions of the Kalamazoo Promise show, not only can Promise programs achieve their direct goal of helping more students earn postsecondary degrees and credentials, they can also help communities realize goals that have long frustrated policymakers: reversing outmigration, stabilizing populations and housing values, and driving new economic development." —John Austin, President, Michigan State Board of Education

In a series of four brief videos, Michielle Miller-Adams responds to key questions concerning the proliferation of Promise programs.

What is a Promise scholarship program and how does it differ from traditional financial aid?
What are the key differences among existing Promise programs? Does it make sense to analyze them as a group?
What are the goals of Promise programs and are there any results that are evident across multiple programs?
What is it you set out to do in your book "Promise Nation"? What does it provide readers?

This series of "short books" are authored by noted experts who provide a concise discussion of a range of important labor market issues along with the programs and policy recommendations that address those issues. Books in this series are available as free PDF downloads or as paperbacks.

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