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ISBN: 978-0-88099-133-9

Pension Policy for a Mobile Labor Force

John A. Turner

When it comes to pension plans, many workers find the cliche' "You can't take it with you" applies when they change jobs. Employers often create a conflict between job mobility and retirement security when they deny future pension benefits to workers who quit a job before reaching retirement age. Unfortunately, this deterrent to job-changing inhibits the labor market's ability to adjust. It also means workers may be unprepared financially upon retirement.

Turner describes why pension losses are such a significant problem and presents empirical evidence as to the number of workers affected and the amount of losses they incur. He also probes pension portability policy options and looks at portability options in effect in Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

"The author touches on the trend towards defined contribution plans that has characterized the pension system during the past decade. (He) clarifies many of the conflicts and tradeoffs that must be addressed. This is a thorough study of an important issue." –Benefits & Compensation International

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