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Employee Benefits and Labor Markets in Canada and the United States

William T. Alpert and Stephen A. Woodbury, Editors

Pay versus benefits. This tradeoff facing many workers is an example of an issue that packs important ramifications for labor markets, but at the same time is little understood because of a lack of quantitative evidence. That's why this book is an important contribution to the literature on the economic features of employee benefits and the policy issues associated with them; it helps fill the need for rigorous, policy- relevant research on the linkages between labor markets and the provision of benefits by employers and governments.

Alpert and Woodbury present a comprehensive set of explorations into the impacts that the provision of various types of employee benefits (or lack thereof) have on labor markets. And while there are, as the editors point out, substantial differences between the employee benefits systems of Canada and the U.S., these differences showcase the impacts of specific policies related to employee benefits on labor markets.

The book is divided into four sections. Part I focuses on the relationship between employee benefits and labor supply. Part II examines employee benefits and labor demand issues. Part III considers the implications of employee benefits for worker turnover, wages, and equity. Part IV focuses on pensions and public policy toward retirement income.

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