Dissertation Award

2018 Dissertation Award

The Upjohn Institute invites submissions for its annual prize for the best PhD dissertation on employment-related issues. A first prize of $2,500 is being offered. Up to two honorable mention awards of $1,000 may also be given.

Applications are due July 6, 2018.

Instructions on how to apply for the 2018 award

The 2017 Award co-winners and honorable mention are:

First prize

  • Brendan Price, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for "Labor Market Adjustment to Globalization, Automation, and Institutional Reform."
  • Alexandra Roulet, Harvard University, for "Essays in Labor Economics:" Her dissertation consists of three essays:  1) Creative Destruction and Subjective Well-Being; 2) Unemployment Insurance and Reservation Wages: Evidence from Administrative Data; and 3) The Causal Effect of Job Loss on Health: The Danish Miracle?
Honorable mention
  • Matthew Johnson, Boston University, for "Three Essays on Nonwage Compensation"
    Johnson's dissertation is comprised of three essays: 1) Regulation by Shaming:  Deterrence Effects of Publicizing Violations of Workplace Safety and Health Laws; 2) Improving Regulatory Effectiveness Through Better Targeting: Evidence from OSHA; and 3) Cutting Out the Competition: Labor Market Conditions and the Use of Noncompete Agreements.