Upjohn Institute College Earnings Tool

Welcome to the Upjohn Institute College Earnings Tool. This Tool provides monthly earnings estimates for recent college (bachelors) graduates by major. It is meant to help students understand what their earnings are likely to be early in their careers. These earnings figures can be used to plan for budgets, including the repayment of student loans.

As many people do not attend college or attend college without receiving a bachelors degree, earnings estimates for other education groups are provided for comparison. Unfortunately, detail by field of study for these groups is not available.

(If you are unsure what major or majors you are interested in, one place to look is the College Board web page on majors.)

To get started, please select whether you would like to use the normal or advanced interface. (If you are using the Tool for the first time, we highly recommend you choose the normal interface.)

The earnings numbers in this tool are based on Census data and should be considered estimates. Earnings for any given person are likely to vary.