George Erickcek receives REMI Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Economic and Demographic Analysis

George Erickcek recieves the Fulton Lifetime Achievement AwardGeorge A. Erickcek received the George A. Fulton Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Economic and Demographic Analysis at the 32nd Annual Regional Economic Models Inc. (REMI) Users Conference held in Charleston, SC on October 25–27. Fred Treyz, President and CEO of REMI, presented him with the award.

The award is named for George A. Fulton, director emeritus of the Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics (RSQE) at the University of Michigan, who is considered the foremost authority in economic forecasting for the state of Michigan and the United States.

Erickcek served as the senior regional analyst with the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, where he led the Regional Economic Planning Services team for 27 years prior to his retirement in May 2015. He now serves as a regional consultant to the Upjohn Institute, advising and assisting with regional economic and workforce development projects.

Erickcek’s research agenda focused on regional economic issues across Michigan and the nation, and particularly throughout Southwest Michigan. He has authored and coauthored some 176 research studies on regional, state, and national issues, and has conducted numerous economic impact studies throughout West Michigan. Erickcek was widely considered the authoritative voice on economic conditions in the region.

Erickcek additionally served as editor of the Upjohn Institute’s publication Business Outlook for West Michigan, in which he prepared annual employment forecasts, quarterly statistics, news, and analyses of the economic conditions facing each of West Michigan’s metropolitan areas. Erickcek directed the production of 129 issues of Business Outlook during his career with the Upjohn Institute.

Prior to his retirement and currently, Erickcek serves as coeditor and corresponding editor of Economic Development Quarterly, a national peer-reviewed journal that explores economic and workforce development issues.

An avid REMI user, Erickcek was instrumental in bringing the model to the Upjohn Institute in 1988.